When Mums Left Alone Their Kids With Their Dads...

Hey there, happy Fathers Day!

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters, right? Haha, let’s check out how these masters look after their kids! 

1. Kiwi Kiddo

My baby is a... kiwi...

2. Daddy-Daughter Day

I don't know why my girl doesn't like to play with me... 

3. Snuggly Selfie

Anyways, if you're looking for a cheap, great Halloween costume, here you go.

4. Dad Goals

This is the best reason to have children.


5. The Value of Compromising

I am playing my computer and also look after my baby. How clever I am!

 6. Running With Me

He is talented with running at his 5 month age...

7. Spinning With Kid

Dad: Do you like to spin? Let's go!

8. Don't go around.

9. Hey, Stay Here

10. Can you eat quickly?

Hey, don't be too upset if Dad decided to mess with your kids. It is his another different way to show his love to you. He is still the sun, even in overcast days, I also can feel his light.

Happy Fathers Day to you all.