What Can I do For Protecting My Leather Shoes?

How to Maintain Leather Shoes

Method 1 Cleaning Leather Shoes

  1. Remove dirt with a soft cloth
  2. Apply a cleaner with a soft brush
  3. Deal with salt stains using water and vinegar
  4. Allow your shoes to air dry at room temperature


Method 2 Polishing Your Footwear

  1. Remove the laces from the shoes
  2. Condition your shoes at least every 25 wears
  3. Apply a polish to your shoes once a month for protection
  4. Try a spit shine for shiny shoes


Method 3 Weatherproofing for Snowy and Icy Weather

  1. Use a beeswax product to weatherproof your shoes thoroughly
  2. Use plain beeswax for a cheap option
  3. Try a spray-on product to weatherproof with a prettier finish
  4. Put galoshes on to protect your leather shoes in wet weather


Method 4 Caring for and Storing Leather Shoes

  1. Give your shoes a break between wears
  2. Insert shoe trees when you're not wearing the shoes
  3. Clean your shoes or have a professional do it before you store them
  4. Store your shoes in breathable fabric